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Our employees make us who we are. Team work, innovation and growth – that’s the name of the game, here at Pionix. Founded in 2013, the company is based Bucharest, booming IT hub and Europe’s new Silicon Valley. Our uber modern office is base for a diverse community of young and talented people brewed in our own hacker culture. We nurture an environment that rewards creative problem solving as well as rapid decision making. We push people to find their own limits, to challenge them and to be bold. We work in small teams and we move fast to develop new products. As our products are live, we constantly refine them to market needs, enhancing value and engaging more and more users. Pionix is the place where people start a career and grow their professional skills, as much as it is a background for senior specialists to find complex and challenging opportunities.
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ENTERTAINMENT – Top Notch Solutions
Pionix is bringing the latest news and social trends on every device, Worldwide. Multi-channel entertainment solutions for mobile, tablet, apps, smart TV - you name it, we do it!
Where performance meets technology. Managing hundreds of millions of clicks and impressions, and storing thousands of GB would be virtually impossible without Big Data technology. Our AdServer and traffic management system is built to push limits and designed to set global standards in affiliate management, performance marketing and online advertising. Traffic source ROI management, real-time statistics, targeted campaign control, fraud prevention and optimization algorithms are combined in one immensely powerful tool.
Safety and security are paramount in our mobile billing infrastructure. We have created a payment concept that is connected to several international payment methods. Highly complex API integrations and local regulations turn the billing and payment system into a cashier for the entertainment services.
We create cross-platform native mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows using a hyper-productive development environment. The easy to use content management system allows us to release apps quickly and dynamically. Covering different marketing requirements from content, to design and billing integrations, we implement the latest and most efficient technologies with the goal of releasing many smaller apps with instant market feedback. Super lean and super-fast.
Our office
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Collaboration and innovation infuse the spirit of the Pionix office, located just 5 minutes away from Aurel Vlaicu metro station. It has secure parking for all the team members – so you get here fast and easy. Our team benefits from sponsored World Class SILVER memberships - not just for use at Promenada mall directly across the street, but also at nine other locations in Bucharest. Let’s keep in great shape, mentally and physically! The Pionix crew stays up to date on its educational and professional development by attending regular conferences, trade shows, workshops, and certifications whether in Romania or abroad. Engaging team building events keep the spirit alive, ensuring all new colleagues quickly connect with the team. These are just a few of the benefits our talented and ambitious people deserve, in addition to a remarkable workplace. And with a magnificent 360-degree view of Bucharest from the 11th floor, we celebrate smart work ethic in a fitting environment.

Talented Minds
Jobs for you

This position represents a great opportunity for a person eager to learn a lot of important administrative tasks in a continuously growing company. We are looking for a young spirit, a fresh mind and a responsible colleague. You will have a very relaxed working environment, perfect for personal development. Since your main duties will revolve around administration, you will get to take part in all of the company's activities, from the fun ones to the more serious ones. Sometimes even organize specific events. You will be working with people, mainly the company colleagues, so you have to be an outgoing, social person. You should be willing to learn and be as organized as possible. This way you will easily get to manage every task you get.
Be prepared to meet new challenges often. You are right to think that it sounds like fun so far, but there will be some mild stress situations as well. Which we are sure you will be prepared for.

What you need for this position: 
  • Interested in constant personal improvement and research
  • Self-motivation and the ability to work independently
  • Versatile and well organized with deep knowledge of making administrative and procedural activities, with the aim of running an infallible office system
  • Attention to details and problem solving skills
  • English proficiency
  • Integrity and reliability
  • A bright and positive attitude
  • Discretion and confidence
What we can offer you: 
  • Competitive salary package
  • Private medical insurance
  • Financial support for professional training courses and certifications
  • Team Building activities
  • Top office facilities and state-of-art IT equipment

We are looking for an experienced PHP developer with good knowledge of the modern web technologies to join our ad server development team.

Cool Things You Can Choose to Work On:

We are a dynamic and open-minded team where we pick the things we like to work on. This way, our team members are happier and more productive. Here are a few of the awesome things we’re currently developing and from which you can select what you’re interested in:

  • Traffic routing and ad delivery
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Conversion tracking and affiliate payments
  • Intelligent and self-correcting ad optimization algorithms
  • Sleek interfaces for Platform-Administrators, Traffic-Managers and self-provisioning for our Publishers and Advertisers
  • Connecting to 3rd-party systems for push callback events/reports
  • Improved fraud protection
  • Smart notifications and alarms according to traffic volumes or conversion behavior changes
  • Addictive analytics tool
Mandatory Skills: 
  • Advanced PHP programming skills
  • MySQL database design and optimization
  • PHP Frameworks and design patterns (at least one framework, MVC)
  • Basic Linux / Unix commands on shell
  • Basic knowledge of web-specific development technologies (keywords: JavaScript, HTML & CSS)
  • Some working experience with a version control tool (keyword: Git)
  • Basic working experience with development environments and live deployment (keywords: Vagrant, Docker, virtual machines, Ansible, Capistrano).
Non-mandatory but Highly Appreciated Skills: 
  • Experience in working with high traffic volumes
  • Experience in using BigData (mongoDB, ElasticSearch or others)
  • Experience with Laravel PHP framework
  • Experience with AngularJS JavaScript framework
  • Design Patterns
  • Coding standards
General Skills and Personality: 
  • Fluent English
  • Integrity
  • Innovative thinking
  • Proactive working style
  • Willing to learn and implement new technologies
  • Good team player
  • Relevant degree in IT
Even More Reasons to Join Our Team: 
  • Competitive salary package
  • Private medical insurance
  • Team-building activities
  • Modern working environment
  • Important industry conferences, trainings and workshops
  • Possibility to travel abroad
  • Working for one of the online industry leaders
  • Open and friendly environment to share and promote your ideas
About you:
  • Your portfolio shows that you have exceptional coding skills, preferably gained while working in a company
  • You are able to effectively demonstrate an enormous enthusiasm for the web and web technologies, conscientiousness and dedication.
  • You are comfortable with working as part of a team
  • Your key skills are in CSS3, HTML, Javascript / AJAX
  • You have strong browser and cross platform experience and an understanding of information architecture would be an advantage
  • You have excellent attention to detail and very high standards of usability and accessibility
  • Work with back-end developers in order to implement user interface design and mark-up for new functionality
  • Use mark-up and CSS standard best practices
  • Implement fluid responsive frameworks
  • Provide estimation of development
  • Review code, fix bugs
  • Active participation at the company’s technical meetings
  • Focused on delivering high quality software products on-time
Required traits and experience: 
  • Advanced level HTML, XHTML and CSS (hand coding)
  • Experience of cross-browser and cross-platform issues
  • Experience in creating mobile friendly websites
  • Experience of creating multi-languages web site
  • Strong usability skills
  • JavaScript knowledge
  • Experience with jQuery
  • Experience with SVG graphics
  • Constructing HTML with SEO in mind
  • Proficient in English
Would be a plus: 
  • Experience with Responsive web design (RWD)
  • Experience with CSS preprocessor language (SASS/LESS)
  • Experience with Ionic framework and AngularJS
  • Experience with Gulp task runner system
  • Experience with Git versioning system
What we offer: 
  • Motivating compensation
  • Opportunity for professional growth and development
  • Friendly and relaxing environment
Position overview:
  • Implement new billing modules
  • Implement enhancements to the internal tools
  • Contribute to the core API development and improvement
  • Work with scalable cloud infrastructure for high volumes of traffic
  • Propose and implement enhancements for the current solutions
  • Wits
  • Passion for programming and learning
  • Speaking English fluently
  • Communication skills
  • Node.js
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git
  • Python
  • Elasticsearch
  • React
  • Able to work in a terminal and decent understanding of Unix
  • Go-lang
  • RabbitMQ
  • Redis
  • Unit testing
  • Opportunity to work with very high volumes of traffic
  • Competitive salary package
  • Private medical insurance
  • Working for one of the online/mobile industry leaders
  • An open environment that welcomes and appreciates fresh ideas
  • Opportunity to attend trainings, conferences, congresses, you name it!
Job description:

If you are passionate and interested in direct marketing, internet marketing and e-commerce, Pionix is offering you the opportunity to join our media buying team on a key position. Experience is mandatory, but what we are most interested in is intelligence, a strong work ethic and motivation.

  • Performs market research analysis 
  • Evaluates new media opportunities 
  • Utilizes media buying software to produce and maximize media budgets 
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes on Facebook, Google and all the other big platforms and their advertising guidelines
  • Execute social media strategy through competitive research, messaging, audience identification, and reporting
  • Proactively optimize your media buys by adjusting advertisements (creative) and all other levers at your disposal such as: rates, placements, day-parting, geo-targeting, etc to ensure that CPA goals are met or outperformed
  • Implementing effective and useful reports, statistics and processes to aid in improvement of data quality
  • Analyze the results obtained and elaborate periodical reports 
  • Overall contribution to the media department by attending meetings, contributing to brainstorms and supporting various projects as needed
  • Stay on top of latest trends, find best performing banners, feedback loops with designers and video editing people.
Desired skills and experience: 
  • A Bachelor's degree is strongly preferred 
  • Google Analytics & AdWords experience – proven track record for mobile traffic
  • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Gemini are a clear plus
  • Deep understanding of the Advertising ecosystem and its policies: promotion/product related regulations
  • Positive winning attitude 
  • Proficient with MS Excel, and MS Office 
  • Good organizational and good social skills 
  • Very good knowledge of English. Italian, German is a plus
  • A great team to spend your working time with 
  • Motivating compensati
  • State of the art work conditions and insurances
  • Financial support for your professional development 
  • Financial support for your personal development (gym membership, company events)
  • Great office space

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